Going Against the Grain: What Does it Mean to be an Intern at UpField Group?

Long gone are the tasks for interns to get more coffee, copy papers, and pick up dry cleaning. Back in 2014 “according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 97 percent of large employers in [planned] to hire interns. If trends continue, ultimately every large employer will have at least one student intern.


Internships have evolved overtime from being apprenticeships in shops and local organizations to structured seasonal programs where students have the opportunity to contribute, learn, and engage with mentors. So, if interns are not running and getting coffee, completing medial tasks, and getting our dry cleaning… what are they doing? What is the benefit to hire interns?


There are only twenty-four hours in a day; eight to ten are spent in meetings, client engagements, checking e-mails, and pushing forward to contribute… all while still having enough time for personal growth and family. Adding one more thing to the list might just be the fall of it all, or is it?


As an employer it can be complicated setting up an internship program and adding one more thing to that list above, but there are benefits to you as well. Interns bring in a desire to learn and grow; tools and tasks given to them are all enablers in experience and enhancement. Interns also bring a fresh perspective and are well versed in teamwork through their college studies. Students’ studies at school have prepared them to be hands on and contribute to further the mission and growth of the company. By doing an internship program, witnessing the intern’s growth throughout the process is a great way to determine if they are a fit to the organization post-program. This has the ability to eliminate a long hiring process for an organization.


There are many benefits to students engaging in an internship; the most crucial and basic is experience. Looking for a career after attending college can be daunting and without that handy-dandy experience working in ‘the real world,’ all those hours and hard work during college seem invisible.


Networking is next on the benefits for students looking to find an internship: meeting people and fine-tuning conversational skills to showcase what you, as an intern, have to offer! With the marriage of experience and networking comes viewpoint. As an intern, one truly gets to feel out different organizations large and small. Interning is a time to build confidence and ‘test the waters’. It takes time to establish one’s self within an organization, understanding the ebb and flow while figuring out where you, as an intern, are able to become a part of that mold.


NACE research showed employers transformed a seasonal internship into full-time positions upon completion of degree. Benefits to internships grow and change, but having a foundation is essential in being authentic in any career path.


UpField Group is innovative and effective; as summer of 2017 begins, two new interns will be joining the UpField family. These interns are far from getting coffee and copying papers. This internship program is as authentic as UpField, as both interns are remote and will partake in client engagement, operations and finance, conferences, product development and more. Their diligence and perspectives are important and we look forward to growing with them this summer. Here are some things you should know about them:



Natalie Regula is from Plain City, Ohio and is a sophomore at The University of Findlay. She is studying Accounting and Marketing while playing collegiate volleyball. You can find Natalie in various clubs she is involved in including the Oiler 10, FCA, and SAAC through the University.








Akara Regimand is from Kansas City and is a senior in Communication Studies at Kansas State University. She is involved in the College of Arts and Sciences as an Executive Team Alumni Chair Ambassador as well as a teacher of Pilates at the Recreational Services Center. You can find Akara at many K-State events, at any local coffee shop reading or exploring local events.




What are you most excited about learning with us over the summer?

Natalie: “I am most excited to experience the financial and accounting sides of the UpField Group as well as seeing the steps taken to bring on new clients. While not being in the office in Chicago, it will be a new experience to manage jobs from a separate environment. I am anxious to learn from Chad and the other UpField Group members as they have had various experiences in the business world.”

Akara: “I am excited to learn about the operations and flow of UpField. The connectivity of Agriculture and Sports is extremely exciting to me as well as bringing to light authentic clients/brands. I am intrigued to learn how this all connects to Capital/Investments, as well as business development processes.”


Why did you want to work with UpField?  

 Natalie: “I have had experience in the past with one of the UpField Group’s clients and have gotten to see the culture and atmosphere of UpField. They have built a culture that is motivated around building relationships and sharing their passions in every aspect of their work. This team cares about each individual company and is eager to teach interns like myself.”

Akara: “I wanted to work with UpField because of this groups’ uniqueness. Authenticity, passion, and power are great forces within an organization and I was drawn to the atmosphere, goals, and learning process that were offered to me. Working with a group that fosters growth, transparency, and trustworthiness is something I find extremely important and this is exactly what UpField does.”


What passions and interests do you bring with you into our group?

Natalie: “I have a passion in both the financial world and the marketing world. I enjoy seeing both of these aspects of business and using both as an advantage to benefit a company. I look to build relationships and to go above and beyond in any task that I am given.”

Akara: “My passion for a unique and balanced lifestyle is something I try to incorporate into each of my days. My interests are a part of the Communication Studies realm by learning and practicing the ability to communicate effectively and tell other’s stories while enabling their strengths in any setting. I am always looking for the most effective and passionate route to take and I believe this can be of great value to the team!”


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